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Tretherras School - Unfair GCSE's Certificate System

Date Added: November 22, 2007 12:43:56 PM



GCSE's certificates are being given to students who sat their exams in June. All those students who stayed on at Tretherras in the 6th form have been invited, but NO invites have been sent to students who didn’t stay on and attended Truro college. All students who sat these exams worked very hard and ALL should have been invited. Teachers who asked “why students had not been invited” where told “they did not want unruly students attending, who couldn’t be reprimanded the following day”.

ALSO, NO "best student of the year" "Best drama student" etc, will not be given to a student who did not stay on at Tretherras. THIS IS DISGUSTING. ALL STUDENTS WHO SAT THEIR EXAMS WORKED VERY HARD AND DESERVE TO BE TREATED THE EQUALY.

It is a bit late in the day to do anything about this year’s students who will lose out. My grandson being one of the students I know how hard he worked as he wishes to become a barrister. I think all the people living in the Newquay area and students coming up to their exams next June should be made aware of this rule Tretherras School has made. I hope you are able to print some this story and perhaps the school will then re-think and apologise to students not invited just because they are attending Truro College.

Yours faithfully Josephine

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